Here you will be introduced to web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Following this, you can try out a lot of things yourself – of course with a bit of instruction in case you have questions – and in a team of two you can build your very own little website. You will learn how a browser works and what happens in the background when you call a website. You will learn the basics of HTML and CSS – and a little JavaScript, too. We can’t wait to see the websites you come up with and what we will be able to see on it: a fan-page a blog or an interesting infosite… there is no limit for your creativity.

Participation requirements: Participants aged 11-18, a PC/laptop with Internet access and webcam, and a Google Chrome or Firefox browser. You will get all important information about technology in an infomail 1-2 days before the session. Please check if your mail ended up in the spam folder. The course lasts 2 days.

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24.–25. April 2021
Beginn: 10:00
Ende: 14:00
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